If you are a puzzle enthusiast who loves challenging match-3 games, you might already be a fan of Match Masters. This engaging game allows you to compete against players from across the globe. To enhance your gaming experience, Match Masters provides free gifts such as coins and boosters.If you’re in quest of these free Match Masters gifts, this guide will serve as your one-stop resource. We’ll compile all the active Match Masters free gifts links for your convenience. For those seeking more gaming opportunities, we suggest exploring Coin Master Free Spins, Crazy Fox Free Spins, and Monopoly GO Dice Rolls.

Unveiling Match Masters Free Gifts Links

In this section, we’ve gathered all the current Match Masters links for you to claim your free gifts in the form of coins and boosters. Keep in mind, these links expire typically within 48-72 hours of posting, so be sure to act fast!

Active Match Masters Gifts Links

March 26 (Fresh)

March 25 (Fresh)

March 24

March 23

March 22

March 21

Today’s gifts are not available. Check back tomorrow for more goodies.

March 20

March 19 (Fresh)

March 18

March 17

March 16

March 15

March 14

March 13

March 12

March 11

No new gifts today!

March 10

Outdated Match Masters Gifts Links

NOTE: To claim these gifts, you need to click the links from the device where Match Masters is installed, or else the freebies will not be credited.

How to Claim Match Masters Free Gifts Links?

The process to activate Match Masters links is incredibly straightforward. Unlike some games that require you to meet additional prerequisites to receive gifts (like reaching a particular account level in Monopoly GO), Match Masters just needs a few simple steps:

  • Install Match Masters on your device;
  • Choose any of the active links below and click on it, which will open Match Masters on your device;
  • The reward will be automatically credited to your account.

Remember, these links have an expiration date and must be activated on a device where the game is installed for them to work.

How to Earn More Match Masters Gifts?

Free Match Masters Links

To garner more freebies in Match Masters, keep an eye on the developers’ social media channels. The Candivore Team occasionally posts links on their Twitter pages, Discord server, and Facebook page. Each link ensures a different quantity of rewards, meaning you’ll receive varying amounts of coins and boosters each time.

Frequency of Match Masters Gift Links

We update this guide daily to ensure you don’t miss any new links. Typically, the free gift drops happen daily, but this largely depends on the developers who post the links.

Why Might Match Masters Links Not Work?

Generally, there can be three reasons why Match Masters links might not work. The first reason is the expiration of the links. Match Masters links remain active for 48 to 72 hours from the time they’re posted. We recommend activating the links as soon as they appear in the active list.

The second reason is that you might have already used the link to claim the free gifts. We move such links to the expired Match Masters gifts links list to avoid confusion.

Lastly, the links might not work if you’re trying to activate them from a device where the game isn’t installed. We recommend claiming them from the device where you’ve installed the game.

Match Masters Game Tactics

Match Masters is a game where you need to outsmart your opponent by matching colors and shapes. While it might sound elementary at first, Match Masters requires focus to win, although there are a few strategies that can help you defeat opponents.

Firstly, don’t overlook the free gifts links that we post above. With their help, you will receive coins, which can be exchanged for boosters, or boosters themselves and other game accessories, such as a hammer.

Use boosters when you’re sure to strike three in a row to boost your points in the match. Also, don’t hesitate to use them when you’re stuck: rearrange the board using boosters. And if a particular color or shape is causing you trouble, get rid of it with a hammer.

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