Top 10 Best Life Insurance coTop 9 Best Life Insurance companies in India

Top 10 Best Life Insurance coTop 9 Best Life Insurance companies in India? At present, there are many insurance companies in India , about which you may know that some companies work at the state level and some all over India. But today we are going to list such top 9 best life insurance companies … Read more

The Warranty Exclusions Of An Auto Insurance Contract

Even the most comprehensive and protective automobile insurance contract cannot excuse certain behaviors on the part of the driver. Whether the latter was traveling without having the right to do so in the eyes of the law, or even he was guilty of a serious traffic offense, the insurer is justified in refusing him any … Read more

The Covid Tax – Why was it implemented, and will it increase

The various increases planned during the year are worrying. What about the health sector? A covid tax has been put in place for complementary insurance, will it increase? What is the covid tax? Since June 2020, the executive has indicated to the complementary that they “cannot, in any way, derive an economic benefit from this … Read more

The Best Auto Insurance For You Top 12 Auto Insurance Companies

To easily find the auto insurance company that offers the best auto insurance for you at the lowest price, let us introduce you to our Top 12 auto insurers in Quebec. Top 12 Auto Insurance Companies This is a non-exhaustive list and the auto insurance companies are presented in completely random order. All could be … Read more

The Auto Insurance Contract – All about your insurance policy

It is sometimes difficult not to feel helpless in the face of an insurer when negotiating your new auto insurance contract. Between the statement of the suspensive validity clauses, the encryption of the deductibles, and the details of the risks covered, the jargon specific to the world of insurance must imperatively become an integral part … Read more

How To Choose Your Self-Employed Health Mutual

With the ANI law, private-sector employees must subscribe to their employer’s health insurance scheme. The auto-entrepreneur does not have the status of entrepreneur, but that of independent. Thus, nothing forces him to protect himself, even if a mutual self-entrepreneur is essential. If you are considering subscribing to a mutual self-employed person, be aware that by … Read more

100% Health all you need to know about this system voted in 2020

The 100% Health is a device voted in 2020 by the Executive. How does it work? What is it made of? Technostse tells you more! What is 100% Health? 100% Health is a system put in place to allow policyholders to access a range of care and equipment. Its goal is to minimize or even … Read more