The Covid Tax – Why was it implemented, and will it increase

The various increases planned during the year are worrying.

What about the health sector? A covid tax has been put in place for complementary insurance, will it increase?

What is the covid tax?

Since June 2020, the executive has indicated to the complementary that they “cannot, in any way, derive an economic benefit from this crisis”.

There was therefore the establishment of an exceptional contribution.

The latter is intended to recover funds not disbursed in this particular context.

That of confinement, during which the French postponed their care.

It must also finance the additional expenses of the health insurance which then covers 100% of certain acts.

We find in these acts the videoconference consultations or the screening tests.

This contribution is therefore called the covid tax, its amount has been set at 1.5 billion euros.

Will the covid tax increase?

Two-thirds of the covid tax was paid by health insurance organizations with a total of 1 billion euros.

The amendment tabled by Elisabeth Doisneau (senator from Mayenne), meanwhile, plans to review this covid tax upwards, by increasing it by 500 million euros.

The text intends that the covid tax of 2021 be set at one billion euros, like that of 2020, and would therefore result in the bill for the complementary to a total of 2 billion euros.

This would be double the tax initially provided for, of which only a third remained to be “reimbursed”.

According to the executive, the mutual would have set aside 2.2 billion euros, thanks to a lower use of care during the pandemic.

This is an amendment to article 4 of the PLFSS (Social Security Financing Bill), proposed to the Senate in early November.

The government had the ambition to align the tax on the amount saved a few weeks ago.

But a proposal has been made.

Moreover, the executive does not increase the tax if the complementary ones undertake not to increase their prices from January.

This decision is taken at the dawn of the presidential election seems to have been accepted.

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In fact, an increase in the number of contributions or not?

Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, made this request for moderation in a letter addressed to complementary organizations.

In the mutuals camp, there is an upheaval in medical consumption.

The French are simply making up for missed appointments due to the pandemic.

In fact, reimbursement requests are increasing, but health insurance organizations are no longer there from the first semester.

In addition, the year was marked by the implementation of the 100% health system.

This increased the demand for dental, optical, and hearing care.

The covid tax, even if it does not increase, could still increase contributions.

Why? Because mutuals are experiencing a deficit that will have to be filled.

There is indeed the covid tax, but not only that. Some reforms have passed and could increase the price of contributions.

For example, reimbursement for sessions with a psychologist.

According to the FNMF, the national federation of French mutual societies, the increase in contributions would be the consequence of the medical consumption of the French.

Its aim, however, would be to keep the out-of-pocket expenses as low as possible.

Finally, whether or not the covid tax increases, it seems very likely that contributions will go up.

The order of these increases could be around 2% depending on your current contracts.

Never mind, do not hesitate to take stock of the coverage offered by your health insurance contract.

In addition, since 2020, you can change health insurance as you wish, from the moment your contract has passed the first year.