How To Choose Your Self-Employed Health Mutual

With the ANI law, private-sector employees must subscribe to their employer’s health insurance scheme.

The auto-entrepreneur does not have the status of entrepreneur, but that of independent.

Thus, nothing forces him to protect himself, even if a mutual self-entrepreneur is essential.

If you are considering subscribing to a mutual self-employed person, be aware that by virtue of your status.

You are free to choose the coverage that corresponds to your reimbursement needs.

Do not hesitate to make a comparison of mutual self-employed to find the best formula in terms of price and guarantees.

What reimbursement can a self-employed person claim by the social security system?

The status of the auto-entrepreneur is special. He is a self-employed person.

Considered as such, it was formerly attached to the Social Regime for Independents, the RSI.

Since its abolition, basic reimbursements have been covered by Social Security for the self-employed.

However, this is a temporary situation since, in 2020, auto entrepreneurs will be attached to the Primary Health Insurance Fund.

Reimbursements will thus be the same as for employees.

If there is no compulsory mutual self-employed, it is better to protect yourself despite everything concerning some fairly low reimbursements from Social Security.

Please note: the auto-entrepreneur is considered to be self-employed, of course, but the situation will be different if it is his main or secondary activity.

A . If it is his main activity

When it comes to his main activity, the self-employed person is indeed a self-employed person, he still benefits to this day from the Social Security of the self-employed before falling back next year into the general scheme.

He must subscribe himself to mutual insurance for self-employed and find tailor-made health protection.

  1. If it is his secondary activity

This time the deal is different. A self-employed person can also have the main activity in parallel.

Remember that the status of auto-entrepreneur was created to allow on the one hand the working people to embark on a new activity without risks and on the other hand, to limit undeclared work.

Thus, some auto entrepreneurs do small jobs on weekends, host parties, and have a permanent and salaried job during the week.

In this case, we no longer wonder which mutual for self-employed entrepreneurs to choose.

In fact, either he is a private employee and the problem is solved since he must subscribe to a collective health insurance scheme imposed by his employer, or he is a public employee.

In this case, the State can offer him a civil servant mutual or let him choose his mutual. The fact that he is a self-employed entrepreneur does not change his initial situation.

Is the mutual fund for self-employed persons compulsory?

No, as we have seen, for a self-employed entrepreneur there is no compulsory mutual insurance.

It is only as an employee of the private sector, if the status of auto-entrepreneur only represents his secondary activity, that this asset will be forced to take a mutual.

Like the senior mutual or intermittent mutual, this health mutual is optional.

Why is complementary health insurance essential?

Not compulsory, the mutual self-employed person remains essential.

In fact, It is enough to consult the reimbursements of the Social Security to realize that the remainder to load is too important without mutual.

Take the classic example of reimbursement for optics. With Social Security, for the simplest glass, the reimbursement base is €2.29.

However, all the people who have passed the door of an optician could see that the price of glass is far from this one.

It is difficult to get a drink for less than €30, and the price is often higher than that.

Mutual health insurance for the self-employed is therefore essential.
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What are complementary health aids

Today, know that if you encounter a budget problem that prompts you to give up your mutual health insurance for self-employed, there is assistance.

We invite you first of all to use a self-employed mutual insurance company comparator and, if the price is too high, there are two aids to support you.

Good to know: the self-employed can benefit from a Madelin mutual insurance contract.

This allows you to be covered by a mutual insurance company and to deduct contributions from your taxable profit.

However, auto entrepreneurs cannot benefit from a Madelin mutual insurer as they cannot deduct charges.

  1. CMU-C

Complementary universal health coverage is aid intended for the poorest households.

If you cannot subscribe to an auto-entrepreneur health mutual, the state offers you free coverage. In addition, health professionals cannot apply excess fees to you.

  1. ACS

Supplementary health assistance works differently. It is aimed at people whose income is slightly higher than those who benefit from the ACS but remain insufficient to cover alone the price of a mutual self-employed person.

This time, you get help, the amount of which varies according to your age. This makes it possible to reduce the price of your mutual self-employed person.

What does the self-employed complementary health insurance cover?

Mutual and self-employed, it works like any mutual health insurance.

The reimbursement will be made according to the guarantees subscribed by the asset.

  1.  As the main activity

If you are a self-employed entrepreneur and this is your main activity, you will be able to use a mutual health comparator.

This is essential to find the best quality/price ratio. You will be able to obtain basic guarantees and choose additional coverages.

Thus, depending on your budget, you can opt for a complete formula with reimbursement of excess fees, better reimbursement of optics, dental and hearing aids, etc.

If you are a fan of alternative medicine, it is possible to consider a protective formula with a greater reimbursement of these sessions which, let us remember, are not covered by the Social Security of the self-employed, nor by the CPAM.

If you are looking for the best mutual health insurance for self-employed people, be sure to check all the conditions as well.

The waiting period, exclusion, and everything must be checked upstream to know how you will be protected by your mutual self-employed person.

Concretely, you are completely free to use a self-employed mutual insurance company comparator and to take the time to study the quotes that will be sent to you.

It’s simple, fast, and free, it’s up to you to find your tailor-made warranty.

Good to know: you can also choose to be entitled to your spouse’s mutual health insurance.

The family mutuals are more interesting in general.

Since you are not obliged to subscribe to a mutual self-employed person, you can perfectly choose to be protected by the contract of a relative.

  1. As a secondary activity

If you are first and foremost an employee and your self-employed business is only secondary, this time your complementary health coverage may be different, especially if you are a private employee.

In fact, The ANI law requires employers since 1 st January 2016, to propose a mandatory collective mutual with their employees.

As a result, with some exceptions, you will be forced to subscribe to this mutual.

This has the obligation to offer you a minimum basket of care which includes:

  • Full reimbursement of user fees for consultations, procedures, and services reimbursable by Social Security;
  • The daily hospital flat rate of €20 in a hospital or private clinic with an agreement;
  • Reimbursement of 125% of the social security reimbursement base for dental care;
  • An optical reimbursement of €100 for simple lenses with frames, €150 for a combination of simple lenses / complex lenses with frames, and €200 for complex lenses with frames.

The employer must pay at least 50% of the contribution.

Depending on your health needs, this mutual fund may be insufficient.

You can then choose to take reinforcements.

This provides better protection.

However, the reinforcement is not covered by the employer.

Another important point: the termination of the mutual self-employed is possible, which is not the case with the compulsory mutual of the employee (unless he leaves the company).

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