100% Health all you need to know about this system voted in 2020

The 100% Health is a device voted in 2020 by the Executive.

How does it work? What is it made of? Technostse tells you more!

What is 100% Health?

100% Health is a system put in place to allow policyholders to access a range of care and equipment.

Its goal is to minimize or even cancel an out-of-pocket charge for the insured.

Those concerned are in the fields of optics, audiology, and dentistry.

We defined baskets made up of a selection at capped prices.

  • The optical basket
  • You will find a selection of lenses and frames for your glasses dental basket
  • The latter is composed of a selection of bridges and crowns
  • Finally, the audiology basket

Meanwhile, it contains a selection of aids and hearing aids

Good to know :
To benefit from this device, it will therefore be necessary to choose from the selection offered in these different baskets.

You need a “responsible” complementary health contract to benefit from 100% health.

From 1 st January 2022, the third party paying the 100% health will be systematically included in your health complementary contract.

You will therefore have no upfront costs if the professional you are consulting accepts the device.

Does this mean that any medical expenses will be reimbursed?

A short and simple answer: no! The device only applies to the three sectors mentioned above.

As a reminder, it is, therefore, optics, audiology, and dentistry.

Any other service, whatever its nature, such as consultation, for example, is not taken into account by 100% health.

Your expenses for the named sectors, if they are not part of the selection, are not taken into account.

For example, for optics, contact lenses do not fit into the device.

In fact, Pay attention to the guarantees of your complementary health contract.

These, beyond 100% healthy baskets, must meet your needs.

Depending on the guarantees chosen, your mutual insurance company may reimburse you in full for care or equipment that is not included in the baskets of the device.

Are there obligations on the side of practitioners concerned with 100% health?

Yes. Whoever the practitioner is concerned by the measure, he or she must offer you a quote made up of at least one offer relating to the device.

Thus, opticians, hearing-aid acousticians but also dental surgeons are committed to:

  • Comply with the rates capped by the regulations. That is to say that beyond this limit, your supplement will not be able to reimburse you.
  • Respect the deadlines set by the regulations. More specifically, the renewals are generally carried out at most every two years for optics and every four years for audiology.

Of course, you are under no obligation to choose the offer. You choose your equipment and your care and your equipment according to your needs

In the field of optics, you can benefit from 100% health on the lenses while taking the frames apart from the device.

Your lenses will then be fully reimbursed, and your frames, for their part, will be reimbursed according to your contract.

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